About the trainers

Tanja Faber-Baetsen 


Trainer, coach, co-owner / founder and organizer at The Sacred Voyage & Kinetics Communicatie and founder of Sacred Lotus

Almost 20 years ago the path of personal development and consciousness expansion started for me. Because of the various burnouts I had, I felt “this cannot continue like this. This makes me sick. I have learned to listen to what feeds me and what makes me happy. And slowly let go of all things that no longer serve me. ” A path that wasn’t easy. Because what is it that nourishes me, makes me happy and fulfills my life? What do I have to do in this life? What is my calling?

I let go of my salaried work and took a sabatical for 1.5 years. To feel what I really want with my (working) life. Something with people, that was clear, but what? Because Lars then carried out his childhood dream and wrote a book, The Sacred Voyage, our company The Sacred Voyage was created. Here I was able to fully use my experience and talent to organize, administer, customer contacts and social connection.

In experiencing (from 2004) (holotropic) breathwork in (external) trainings and sessions with Lars Faber and in our own organization, discovering my inner world with also medicine plants, I have gone on the path of expanding consciousness. Found out what serves and no longer serves me. What keeps me healthy, what brings me to who I really am.

I have a business background (organizational science, University of Maastricht), a secretary training (Schoevers), followed international training modules in the Czech Republic (at Grof Transpersonal Training, holotropic breathwork) and did the 3 year Biodanza training. Also followed many training courses and workshops in the field of Voice Dialogue, intuitive development, focusing, tantra, Emotional Focusing Therapy (EFT), Queencode (at Alison Armstrong in Dallas, USA), Heartconnection, Wheel of Consent (Lisbon, Betty Martin), international training Full Body Dearmouring, Tantric Dance, Kundalini Touch, but most of all a lot of (life) experience.


The most important learning point for me was that I can follow my own way. Not as I was taught (in a certain way), but above all I was allowed to find my own way in all the knowledge and experience that I have gained over the years and create my own work in it. And from perspective Heartdancing was born. A passion that feeds me. A form of moving / dancing and connecting with yourself, with your own body, becoming aware of how and why you do things the way you do them, connecting in a playful way with others, from open-mindedness, playfulness, liveliness. To (re) discover the sparkle in your own being, to make the connection to your heart again. And from there in depth to be able to meet yourself even more in everything that lives and what prevents you from really being who you are. This is my calling, this is my mission in this life. To reconnect people with themselves in this way, from softness, from consciousness.

Currently I facilitate the Dutch year training Soul Coach of The Sacred Voyage and the international Soul Coach training (3 modules). Also I have founded the Heartdancing® training (in Dutch) in 2022. 
I use the methods from the training courses that I followed, but especially the methods developed by Lars Faber in The Sacred Voyage, such as Core Wound breathwork, Soul Retrieval, Sacred Language of the Heart, Light of Compassion. Heartdancing is my passion. It is registered as a brand name since December 2022 (in the Benelux). My work takes place in the Netherlands and Portugal. I have 18 years of experience in working with plant medicines. 

In The Netherlands and Portugal I facilitate  the international Soul Coach training, 9 day and 6 day modules. Every now and then I work with co-trainers to transfer even more knowledge and experience in a broader spectrum. And all with the aim: teach people to reconnect with themselves, learn to (re) meet themselves and discover their full potential and start living it!

I love to facilitate Women retreats and a women year training is in the making. 

In the past 18 years we have been able to support and guide more than 15.000 people in their process of inner child healing and reconnecting with themselves. To help them support in finding the path of their heart and soul.              

My strength is in the connection and mirroring and I am seen as an example in teach what you preach. Others experience me as loving, authentic, grounded and genuinely involved, a great heart full of love.

1-173Lars Faber

Trainer, breathwork coach, co-owner & founder of The Sacred Voyage and Kinetics Communicatie, writer, producer, musician, founder and owner of The Breathwork Coach.

My passion currently lies in breathwork, producing and composing music, creating online training and meditations and writing books. I have written 13 books. The book The Sacred Voyage has been translated in 3 languages (Germand, English and French). 

About twenty years ago the adventure of the Breathwork started for me. I was burned out, depressed and addicted to just about anything you could be addicted to. In short: tired of life. In France I discovered Holotropic Breathwork (the international breathing school of Dr. Stanislav Grof) during a week long Breathwork Training. That changed my life enormously. Back in the Netherlands, I immediately started working with breathwork, first of all with myself. I did daily sessions in our attic in The Hague and went through in-depth processes, which gradually helped me to heal myself, become more vital and eventually made me the responsible father and entrepreneur I wanted to be and am.

lars strand 2016

I have been able to supervise more than 15,000 people in the past 20 years. In the meantime I followed courses, training and workshops in Breathwork, Shamanism, Voice Dialogue, Focusing, Biodanza, Voice Liberation, Brainspotting, Bodywork and Consent. That made me more and more free to guide others. Especially the voice expression is invaluable in breathwork: if you don't dare to express your own voice and emotions, you cannot convincingly encourage others to do so. That became the essence of my personal process, and that of guiding others: freeing yourself from shame and guilt, finding and freeing old pains and daring to live from your essence. Dare to show and express yourself as you are. Expressing your innermost being, your strength and your vulnerability, your humor, your fear, your zest for life and your dark sides. At least that is my personal path, I have written seven books about it. Always researching, always humble enough to keep learning and powerful enough to help and educate others.

Foto Lars Tanja beach

I have started the breathwork year training The Wounded Healer in my company The Breathwork Coach in 2021. In 3 years already 300 students have graduated as breathwork coach.  I am very experienced and know the depth of the work like no other. I am experienced by participants as a teacher, guide and rock, who has supported many people and helps to take new paths in their lives.

I have already been able to train and educate hundreds of supervisors in the Netherlands and abroad. I really love seeing others grow and flourish.

In the documentary The Rebirth of the Soul you can see both Lars and Tanja as a trainer and learn more about their vision on this work.